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MPMS Chapter 1: General Information

The Chapter 1 Vocabulary Data base provides definitions and terms used throughout the API Manual of Petroleum Measurement Standards (MPMS). The database is searchable by term, definition, chapter, subcommittee and other filters. It is used by general users for searching terms and definitions within the Chapters of the MPMS. It is also used by Committee on Petroleum Measurement Subcommittee and Work Group members for maintenance of terms and standard development. General users may print the results of their search and COPM members may print certain requested reports.

More Information

This database is an updated version of the 1994 MPMS Chapter 1 Vocabulary standard. Its purpose is to provide general users a means to search terms and definitions that have been balloted in MPMS standards. It is also a tool for COPM members to have access to current terms and definitions in the MPMS for use in standard development. The database allows for the control of and provides consistency among the terms and definitions within the Chapters of the MPMS. The database is maintained by the COPM subcommittee; COMET (Committee on Measurement Education and Training) and API Standards staff. Questions are directed to the “Submit Question” tab on the Database.